Join Fernie SAR

Anyone interested in joining Fernie Search and Rescue in an operational capacity is expected to be physically fit and have basic outdoor skills and equipment.

In addition to emergency response operations, Fernie Search and Rescue members are expected to attend both regularly scheduled and specialized training sessions. Furthermore, members are expected to contribute to special projects and support community events. If you are interested in joining, please read and consider the following:

We are a volunteer organization

That means there is no payment for what you do.

We are held to professional standards

Fernie SAR members are held to high standards of professionalism and service. We are under the jurisdiction of EMBC and work closely with other emergency services. We are in the public eye and maintain an excellent reputation.  Although volunteers, we must achieve and maintain professional certifications in technical rescue disciplines.

We are a team

We operate as a team at all times. A subject’s survival and the safety of other team members depend on a unified effort. If you do not work well in groups, Fernie SAR is not for you.

We must know our limitations

Fernie SAR members must realistically assess their level of fitness and skill-set and adjust their participation accordingly.

We deal with unpleasant situations

We deal with all facets of rescue and body recovery. You need to assess whether you are mentally and emotionally prepared to do so.

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Call outs often occur in the middle of the night, during weekends and in foul weather. Fernie SAR is not a fair weather organization – we respond because we know someone’s life may depend on that level of commitment. Tasks may last for hours or even days.

We are responsible for ourselves

We must be responsible for our own actions and safety. We take individual responsibility for our own well-being and look out for our fellow members as well. There is rarely any glory associated with tasks and even rescued people may not acknowledge the group’s efforts.

Still interested?


Applications are accepted at any time of year. It should be noted that the group does not often take on new members, and if it does, it is normally no more than a handful interviewing towards the end of the calendar year, and then typically joining early in January.


Candidates need to be Fernie residents, and preference will be given to those applicants wishing to be involved in field operations who demonstrate excellent wilderness and backcountry travel skills in all seasons and familiarity with the local area. Field members must be physically fit and possess the appropriate basic field equipment required to respond safely and effectively for a minimum 24 hour period.


Successful candidates will become a Member in Training (MIT). After attending three training sessions, MITs are added to the call out list and included on call outs, where appropriate for their level of training. We view tasks as on the job training and invaluable experience on the path to becoming a certified GSAR Technician. MITs are be trained in all the basics of search and rescue in British Columbia and once they have covered all the Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) material (approximately an 80 hour course) they will be considered for the GSAR exam.


Please click on the button below to complete the application form. You will be contacted regarding the status of your application. All candidates will be required to take part in an interview with a senior member of Fernie SAR.