What is a Trip Plan?

A trip plan is simply a record of what your backcountry excursion is intended to be. Where you are going, how, with whom and when you are due back. If you do not make it back, then that Trip Plan is passed to the emergency responders so that they know where to look for you.

The plan should be left with a responsible person who knows when to call for help, and who they should be calling.

Why a trip plan?

A trip plan can be the difference between life and death.

If Fernie SAR responders must spend the first few hours of a call-out trying to work out where a lost or injured person was heading, then that is critical time that could have been spent on the ground helping that person.

In the case of Fernie Search and Rescue our coverage area is around 4,000 square km of rugged mountain terrain. If you are reported missing, but with no trip plan, it will take us a long time to find you.

At a minimum a Trip Plan should include:

  • Time of departure
  • Destination
  • Starting point
  • Route
  • People in your group
  • Contact numbers
  • Anticipated return time

Additional helpful information:-

  • Any medical conditions
  • Gear and level of training

The plan must then be left with a responsible person.

Do it online

AdventureSmart provides an online version that can be filled and then either printed or sent by email.