Safety in the Backcountry

Nobody heads out on a rafting trip, hike or ski tour expecting to get into trouble and needing to call for help. Even with the best planning possible, things can still happen. A rolled ankle can turn a hike into a life-threatening experience if you add in poor weather, insufficient clothing and no means of communication.

The reality is that relatively benign incidents can take on a whole new meaning once you are in the wilderness and it is not possible to anticipate or eliminate them all.

The experienced backcountry user knows what they will do if something happens, and that is the question people venturing into the backcountry need to ask themselves:

  • What will you do if something happens and you need help?
  • How will you call for help?
  • Do you have any first aid gear and training?
  • How will you stay warm?
  • Are there people who know where you went and when you are due back?

Fernie SAR endorses and hosts many key education initiatives designed to keep both children and adults safe in the backcountry. Please explore this section to learn more about staying safe in the outdoors.